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District Resource Network & District International Service Chair

The District Resource Network and District International Service Chair identifies skills within our membership to collate a single district wide listing of our combined expertise. This is to facilitate identifying experts to work in supporting projects. Reports on finished projects are added to the Rotary Showcase as a knowledge base for future reference, allowing challenges and failures to be avoided by future Rotary projects.

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Emergency Fodder Relief

The Rotary Fodder Relief program has been accepted by the Tasmanian Government as the key distribution method of assistance following floods, fires or disease outbreaks for which it is difficult for farmers to prepare. Rotary Clubs, especially rural clubs, have the knowledge, skills and networks as lead organisers in the collection, transport and distribution of fodder in disasters.

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Nepal Projects

Nepalese and Tasmanian Rotarians have worked together over several years to successfully implement a number of projects to improve the lives of many needy local people in Nepal.

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Rotary Fellowships

Rotary Fellowships are autonomous, international groups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses, and Rotaractors who join together to:

  • Share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)

  • Further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession

  • Make new friends around the world

  • Explore new opportunities for service

  • Have fun and enhance their Rotary experience

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