Emergency Fodder Relief

In disasters like the recent fires, one of the urgent needs is fodder to feed livestock. Rotary Clubs, especially rural clubs, have the knowledge, skills and networks to be lead organisers in the collection, transport and distribution of fodder in future disasters.

The Tasmanian Disaster Fodder Relief Plan has been developed by PP Kerry Vincent and PP Graeme Dent and has been accepted by the Tasmanian Government as the key distribution method in disasters.

The Rotary Fodder Relief program will focus on providing assistance to farmers following floods, fires or disease outbreaks which tend to happen without warning so it is difficult for farmers to have prepared. These events contrast to drought which tends to fade in and out slowly so farmers have an opportunity to be proactive hence the fodder relief scheme will not respond to droughts or dry times.

The District has reserved $20,000 so as it can immediately respond with the purchase of fodder until donations start to flow. 

The key elements of the plan involve Rotary District 9830 taking responsibility for any future fodder drives, following the declaration of a disaster in Tasmania. Rotary will liaise with the State Government and the TFGA but will be the controlling body. Rotary will establish a district committee to manage fodder relief and will appoint a state director to head up the committee.

Chair: PAG Robin Thompson Scottsdale

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