When you partner with Rotary, our 1.2 million members amplify your impact, elevate your brand, advance important causes, improve communities, and gain access to global connections.


Are you an organisation looking to explore a partnership with Rotary?


Are you a Rotary club looking for a partner for a service project?


How you can work with us

We offer a variety of partnerships so we can make a bigger difference in the world.

Strategic partnerships

Work with Rotary to design and implement international projects that have measurable impact on the causes we work on and are sustainable for the long term. Learn more.

Corporate and foundation partnerships

Collaborate with us on service projects around the globe or help us find sustainable solutions to significant problems by supporting a Rotary project that matches your organization’s philanthropic mission. Learn more.

Service partnerships

Help us take on a variety of service projects to increase our impact. Our service partners join us on specific projects that support our causes. Learn more.

Project partnerships

Was your organization started by a Rotary member, or is it run by one? Rotary works with such organizations to give Rotary and Rotaract clubs project options that help global communities.


Reach engaged audiences by sponsoring activities, programs, meetings, and events, including World Polio Day and the Rotary International Convention. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, write to

Cause-related marketing

Customize your cause-related marketing programs to involve your consumers in Rotary’s efforts. We work to establish purchase-triggered donations, point-of-sale campaigns, and other marketing campaigns. To get started on your customized campaign, write to or read Cause Marketing Information and Guidelines.

Employee matching gifts

Reward your employees’ philanthropic interests by matching their donations to The Rotary Foundation so that we can help even more people. Learn more.

Rotary Global Rewards

Increase your profits while giving back to The Rotary Foundation through our member benefits program. Learn more.