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The purpose of the President Elect Training Seminar is to provide club presidents with the current and necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to lead an effective club. All Presidents Elect are required by RI to attend PETS prior to becoming a Club President. Presidents Nominee and Secretaries Elect are also welcome to attend. PETS is usually held in March each year.



The District Training Assembly offers the opportunity for club officers, committee chairs and assistant governors to learn about their roles, further develop leadership skills and refine strategies to achieve their goals. All Rotarians who accept key club leadership roles are encouraged to attend the District Training Assembly.  

Training assemblies like this are the best way to help your club be even more successful. Attendees will discover tips to assist with the continual improvement of Clubs and District.

Attendees should include all of the incoming Club Board. All Rotarians are welcome to attend.

DTA is usually held in May each year.


BUILDING FUTURE LEADERS - formerly Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)

The mission of The Rotary Leadership Institute is to provide an educational opportunity for Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their clubs.

Rotary needs a constant influx of leaders as club officers, since they mostly change every year. It is often difficult at the club level to learn enough about the exciting world of Rotary and it is also important to remember that leadership skills in volunteer organisations are often different from business leadership skills.

The Rotary Leadership Institute, through ‘Building Future Leaders’ can help with this.

Attendance is open to all Rotarians.

Generally the program is run over three non consecutive days through the year.


The District Learning and Development Coordinator ‘s role is assist the District Governor Elect to prepare Presidents Elect and their Boards prior to their year through an annual calendar of learning and development events including District Leadership Team (DLT) training, Presidents Elect Training Seminars (PETS) and District Training Assembly (DTA). Also the role includes continuing to build the cadre of future leaders through Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) / Building Future Leader Seminars.



District Training Events