District Leadership Team & Officers

District Leadership Team

District Governor:                                                                   `              Ross CARLYLE

District Governor Elect:                                                                          Michael COOKE

District Governor Nominee:                                                                  Michael PLUNKETT

Immediate Past District Governor:                                                      Tony COLMAN

District Secretary:                                                                                    Roslyn TEIRNEY

District Finance Manager:                                                                      Bruce BUXTON

District Learning and Development Coordinator:                              James WILCOX

Assistant Governor - Group 1:                                                                Marion COOPER

Assistant Governor - Group 2:                                                                Becc GIBSON

Assistant Governor - Group 3:                                                                Biddy FISK

Assistant Governor - Group 4:                                                                Brett WILLIAMS

Assistant Governor - Group 5:                                                                David ANNEAR

Assistant Governor - Group 6:                                                                Gayle PLUNKETT

Assistant Governor - Group 7:                                                                Nigel PEDLEY

Director - Membership:                                                                           Charles COOK

Director - Public Image:                                                                           Courtney GREISBACH

Director - Service Projects:                                                                      Michael PLUNKETT

Director - Youth Projects:                                                                        Liz BULMAN

Director - Vocational Projects:                                                                Dennis DWYER

Director - The Rotary Foundation:                                                         Peter MURFETT     

Key District Officers

District Insurance Officer:                                                                      Paul SWIFTE

District Protection Officer:                                                                     Christine ANDREWS

District Legal Officer:                                                                              Ross HART

District Webmaster:                                                                                Luke MITCHELL-COLLINS

District Photographer:                                                                            Rod OLIVER

District Social Media Officer:                                                                 David CHAMBERS

District Weekly News Editor:                                                                 Roslyn TEIRNEY