Working With Children



Child protection must be foremost in our consideration. It is essential that we be aware of our responsibilities under State and Federal law.

There are at present two certifications that you need to consider.

1  Working with Children Registration card  [WWC].  Holding this is a legal requirement of the State Government for those working with children. Rotary District 9830 believe at least Club Presidents, Secretary, Club Protection Officer and Youth Service Director should hold a card.

2   Police Check. This is in effect a “Good Character Check“.  It is a recommendation of District 9830 that all members hold this certification.

The District strongly recommends that new members possess both the Working with Children Card and a Police Check .

Our District Policy is

  1. That each Club nominate a Club Protection Officer who will advise the District Protection Officer (Christine Andrews) of the details of every Club member who has obtained a Working with Children Card (WWC) card.
  2. In each Club, the President, Secretary, Youth Services Director and Protection Officer and any members who deal with children, in circumstances other than in a large group, should have a Working with Children Card.
  3. It is highly recommended that all Rotarians have a current Police Check.

Such measures are needed to ensure we meet our legal obligations and to maintain the public standing of Rotary.

All Clubs should appoint a Club Protection Officer

Their responsibilities are

  • Collect the names and card numbers of club members having Working with Children cards and forward these to  District Protection Officer
  • Ensure Club is registered as an Employer for each member on  Department of Justice Website.
  • Distribute the application forms for Police Checks  with the Rotary addresses on it (downloaded here)
  • Co-ordinate the collection of Police check forms
  • Ensure all relevant identifying documents are attached

Check the flow sheets below which are a simplified guide for Club Presidents to help them understand what is required by their clubs with regards to  the new Working With Children Card and the existing Police Check.



Obtaining a Working with Children Card

To apply for a Working with Children Registration, you need to:

To complete the process you must attend a Service Tasmania Shop to:

  • verify your identity.
  • have your photo taken
  • pay the application fee.  Volunteer Registration the fee is $18.60

Obtaining the Standard Police Check

  • Download the application forms with the Rotary addresses on it (downloaded here)
  • Ensure all relevant identifying documents are attached
    Three (3) copies of identifying documents (drivers licence, passport etc) are required
  • The applicant’s signature needs to be witnessed
  • Ensure all  Criminal Record Application forms are signed (on the bottom of the second page) by a District Identifier

    PDG Paul Grubb Claremont (M) 0438 611 511
    PAG Terry Lobban Bellerive (M) 0419 100 945
    PAG Mike Patten  Lindisfarne ( M) 0439 919 234

  • Send the completed Criminal Record Application forms along with a  club cheque for $5 each for each National Record Check  to the address given on the second page

You can condense the last two steps by forwarding the completed forms, a club cheque for $5 each and a stamped addressed (to Criminal History services) envelope to the district identifiers, who will forward them on to the police.

Completed checks will be received by the District Protection Officer, vetted, copied, recorded and sent individually to their owner. The club secretary will be notified of those members who have satisfactory checks.

Police Checks need to be repeated every 3 years.The District Protection Officer will accept written proof of police checks performed for other organisations Please send copies of such proof. Police checks which have not been vetted (which means viewed) by the District Protection Officer cannot be accepted for the purposes of Rotary activities.

Note that these Police Checks will eventually be incorporated within the Working with Children procedures.

If clubs would like to know the current number and date of members police checks please contact Christine Andrews.


Christine Andrews,  [ Salamanca ]
6 Harbroe Ave
New Town  7008
(M)    0412 161 017

 Email    Christine Andrews

District Youth Protection Officer and Police Checks –

Raises awareness of risk management issues for  youth programs and ensures that district, clubs, and all program volunteers comply with RI and district abuse and harassment policies. The first point of contact in the District should any Rotarian receive an allegation of abuse or harassment.


Any Rotarian or Rotary volunteer, who is not certified, in the event of litigation, is not insured. This means that the District will not have claim to the National Insurance policy, and your Club will be liable for the $25,000 excess, not District 9830.

The information is sent to the District Protection Officer. They are  the only person privy to Police Check forms. They will approve the record and hold a record of those holding Working with Children cards and holds copies of all the police checks and will return the originals directly to their owners.They  will then inform the club secretary of those members with satisfactory police checks.
People who choose not to have a Working with Children card and a Police Check  are still entitled to remain a Rotarian, but must not have any direct contact with any person under the age of 18 years, GSE team members, the disabled, elderly or any other vulnerable people.


Clubs should remember the following procedures when completing police check forms forms;
It is suggested that prospective new members need to be police checked before joining your Club. However, if the Club prefers to carry out a police check after the new member is inducted, the new member must be made aware of the police check requirement for members. To be police checked before becoming a member saves any embarrassment and the cost of forming a new membership.

The more partners checked, the better.
The District requires re-checks every three years.
The checks are National; existing Police checks are OK but you must send Christine a copy and don’t forget to tell her your Rotary Club.


Forms for the original “old” Police Check  (download here)

Flowchart for Working with Children (download pdf)

Flowchart for Police Checks (download pdf here)

District 9830 Youth Exchange Program Abuse and Harassment Policy

District 9830 Sexual Abuse and Harassment Allegation Policy

District 9830 Code of Practice for dealing with young people